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Founder Burnout Assessment Tool

This free founder burnout self-assessment tool is crafted specifically for founders and entrepreneurs, using insights from sources like Harvard Business School and the National Library of Medicine.

With only 17 multiple-choice questions designed to measure your stress and burnout levels, we will provide you with personalized strategies for a happier and healthier you.

Created by Manuel Saez, founder of

What's in it for you?

Assess where you are and identify key personal and professional growth areas with tailored recommendations.

Gain insights and practical advice to enhance your well-being, ensuring you lead with vitality and drive sustained business success.

➜ Understand your mental state for clearer thinking & better decision-making.
➜ Discover how to transform stress into success and boost your energy levels.
➜ See your personalized results immediately with actionable tactics on how to move past burnout.

Let's get started

1. How often do you feel physically and emotionally exhausted?